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Organic Cacao Paste

Chocolate bars, pudding, cake, drinks etc. all seem an unhealthy choice, but with the right kind of cacao (Theobroma cacao) used and without the added sugar these products can great foods.

What is Cacao Paste?

Raw cacao pasta is also called cacao liquor, is a product which is used to make chocolates and other creations from chocolate. Cacao paste is has a silky yet firm consistency. Because it has this consistency it can easily be blended and manipulated in many different recipes.

Is your Cacao organic certified?

Yes! We are certified by SKAL and the Cacao we use for our Cacao Paste originates from South America (mainly Ecuador, Peru and the Dominican Republic). There is no need to use any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other harmful chemicals since they are grown in naturally fertile soils, we do not need to use any artificial fertilizers on it. Our Cacao is organically certified by SKAL Biocontrol and is, therefore, EU organic certified.

How is your Cacao made?

Our cacao liquor is made with the whole cacao beans which come from inside the cacao fruit. When ground, the beans will slowly release their liquids/butter and is then mixed with the solid part of the beans. Together, this makes a smooth liquid paste which we know as raw cacao paste. This raw cacao paste remains liquid while being ground, but it gets solid quickly when at room temperature. After the process, our cacao paste is strictly inspected before it is shipped to the customer.

Wholesaler of Cacao Paste UK

Are you interested in buying quality organic Cacao paste from an organic superfood wholesaler? NutriBoost offers Cacao liquor in bulk, private label and white label. We can deliver our products to anywhere in the UK and throughout the whole of Europe. Our supply capacity starts from 25kg to full container loads. Please get in touch with us for more details about ordering.

Quality control

We understand you are looking for a high-quality product. NutriBoost is IFS and Organic certified and all of our products are fully analysed.


Our Organic Cacao is available for following services that we offer:

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