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Private Label

Are you planning to set up your own brand? Or perhaps you already have an existing brand and are you looking for a reliable partner? NutriBoost can support you in this. We offer private label services for our entire range, which we offer in bulk.

White label & Private label

The packaging process can take various forms and can be adjusted to your wishes. We can take care of the raw materials, packaging and labels for you, but you can also deliver each individual step to us. When no label needs to be applied, we speak of white label. When a label or printing – with your brand is applied, it is called a private label.

When requesting this service, it is always important for us to know which parts we have to carry out for you, because this affects the cost.

We can also support you if you want to have your products mixed and filled, or if you want to have your product in tablets or capsules. For more information about these specific services, please check the relevant pages.

Full support, from A-Z

How great would it be when you can give full attention to the parts in your company that are crucial? At NutriBoost we can take care of the entire private labeling process for you. This way you can focus on the crucial parts of your company.

As a leading importer, exporter and processor of organic and non-organic food, you have come to the right place. We manufacture your goods in accordance with applicable guidelines and legal requirements. Your own brand is delivered “ready-to-market” directly at your desired location. We also deliver to distribution centers, including Amazon. Shipments to these centers are carried out by us on a daily basis.

NutriBoost supplies from its own stock, throughout Europe. Speed ​​and quality are paramount and you can leave the total process up to us.


As an A-Brand you are looking for A-quality products. NutriBoost stands for quality. All products are provided with specifications and analyzes. The latter is also called a Certificate of Analysis. In addition to organic products, we also supply non-organic products. Both variants are available for private label. Filling & Packaging is usually done according to ISO standards or GFSI guidelines such as FSSC-22000, IFS and BRC. We set strict requirements for our partners and our products.

Types of private label packaging

At NutriBoost we mainly work with doypacks. This type of packaging is also known as a stand-up pouch. It is simply a bag that is filled from the top and finally closed with a sealing machine. The packaging is resealable.

In addition to doy packs, we can also fill other types of packaging on request. For more information about this, please contact us.

Design & Print

You want your products to have a special look & feel. That it tempts the consumer to purchase. NutriBoost can label your products, but we can also supply printed packaging.

Recyclable packaging

Environmentally friendly packaging is becoming increasingly important. If your company wants to contribute to this through environmentally friendly packaging, NutriBoost can support you in this.

Minimum order quantity private label

When we need to package ingredients for you, the minimum order quantity is usually 20-25 kilograms per product. This only applies to products that are filled as a single ingredient. If you want to have several ingredients filled in the same packaging, we’ll have to blend your ingredients first. For this “mixing” service a minimum of 100-200 kilograms per mixture applies.

* Example 1: If you would like to order the minimum order quantity of Maca Powder from us in a 200 gram package, you order a total of 100 packages of 200 grams.

* Example 2: If you would like to have Maca Powder and Cacao Powder mixed and delivered in a 200 gram package, you order a total of 1000 packages of 200 grams.

Sizes packaging

Currently, for small quantities, the following pack sizes are available in Doypacks at NutriBoost: 130×220, 160×270, 180x290mm, 210x310mm, 240x330mm, 300x370mm.

This usually means that all products in our range can be filled between 50 grams and 1000 grams.

Please note that if you order more than 1000 units per product, we can manufacture custom sizes based on your requirements.

Products & Allergens

The health of our customers and the consumer is paramount. NutriBoost products are generally allergen-free and we attach great importance to this. When packaging your products, this is therefore done in an allergen-free facility.

A nut allergy gets our special attention and so nuts are therefore filled at a location that has been set up for this. This way you can be sure that no contamination takes place during packaging.

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