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Freeze Dried Fruits Supplier

NutriBoost supplies not only dried fruit but also freeze-dried fruit. Customers often choose these ingredients because of their high quality and intense taste. It is the creme-de-la-creme among fruits and it is usually free of any kind of additives. In short, 100% pure.

Freeze-dried fruit is mainly used for baked goods, truffles, ice cream, and confectionery. However, it can also be added to chocolate, dairy, and other products to generate a more intense flavor.

The fruit is frozen at temperatures as low as -80°C, after which it is dried in two steps. By means of sublimation, the majority of the ice is removed during the first few days under reduced air pressure. The ice does not thaw, but it evaporates. The sublimation ensures that a maximum of flavor and texture remains.

The second phase that is then started is called the ‘dehydration phase’. In this process, at slightly higher temperatures, the last remnants of water are removed.

Within the Freeze-dried fruit range you will find the following varieties:

Organic Freeze-Dried Fruit Powder

Organic Freeze-Dried Whole Fruits

  • Organic Freeze-Dried Blackcurrants Whole
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Blueberries Whole
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Sour Cherries Whole
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberry Whole

Organic Freeze-Dried Fruit Chunks

  • Organic Freeze-Dried Apple Slices
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Banana Slices
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Mango Slices
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Pineapple Slices
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Sour Cherries Halves
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Strawberry Slices

Other freeze dried products are:

  • Organic Freeze-Dried Beetroot Powder
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Kale Powder
  • Organic Freeze-Dried Pumpkin Powder

We also supply other forms and types of freeze-dried fruit on request. A lot is also possible conventionally. If the product you are looking for is not listed, please contact one of our sales staff.

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