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Wholesale Rice and Pasta, Couscous

NutriBoost is a rice wholesale company and rice importer. We mainly supply our rice in bulk packaging to the processing industry, but also to smaller parties and webshops. The rice comes from Europe and Asia and is available in organic and non-organic quality. Also called conventional. On this page, you will find a complete overview of what we can offer you as an organic rice wholesale company. So everything you are looking for can be found here. Still, have a question? Or do you want to buy rice from a wholesaler? Then scroll through to the application form at the bottom of this page.

Types of Rice

We supply a wide range of rice. Think of brown, white, long, round, basmati and so on. We adjust the range based on customer demands and market developments. The most common types of rice that we usually have as standard in the range are:

  • Arborio Rice
  • Basmati Rice (Brown / White)
  • Carnaroli Rice
  • Jasmine Rice (Brown / White)
  • Parboiled Rice
  • Wild Rice
  • Rice – Long
  • Rice – Round

Services Rice Wholesale

Many of our customers carry their own brand or use it in other products. Due to the variety of applications, in recent years we have developed ourselves further, into a versatile partner. As an organic rice wholesaler, NutriBoost provides three services, namely:

  • Packaging rice in a private label;
  • Rice in bulk packaging (big bags, 25kg);
  • Production.

Bulk package of rice

Rice is one of the few products that is also offered to the end consumer in bulk packaging. A bag of rice is usually packed in 25 kg at NutriBoost. We also deliver in big bags of 1000kg when needed. Note: We do not deliver to consumers!

Rice Importer UK

As an organic rice wholesaler, NutriBoost is the first party to receive the rice from origin. We pay strict attention to quality. We check this by means of analyzes that we carry out in advance in origin and regularly upon receipt. At NutriBoost you can, therefore, buy rice with confidence.

Delivery time

As a rice importer and wholesaler, a large part of our range is directly in stock. We also have import shipments on a frequent basis. Usually, you can pick up your order within 1 – 3 working days. We can also send it. However, the stock always depends on the market situation and on the basis of our customers’ orders. To have a guarantee of delivery, we request you to conclude a purchase contract, that is also possible.


Quality is a priority at NutriBoost. Quality, taste, and food safety are of great importance when purchasing our products. We are in close contact with our manufacturers and we check them on an annual basis. Our suppliers are therefore almost always GFSI certified.

Order quantity

If you are looking for organic rice, in many cases we can help you from 25 kilograms. For our non-organic rice, the minimum purchase is usually a pallet. Depending on the product, this is between 500 and 1000 kilograms.

Organic Rice Wholesale

It has many advantages to order from a rice importer, such as NutriBoost. For example, there is direct control of the goods, stock and fast delivery. Together with the farmers, we take into account the welfare of people, animals, and the environment. The entire process of rice is done according to organic guidelines. Pesticides and other prohibited substances are not used.

Other wholesale services

In addition to our activities as a supplier of rice, we also offer other products and services as a wholesaler. For a detailed explanation of these services, you can visit the corresponding pages:

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