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Wholesale Seeds and Grains Chia
Wholesale Seeds and Grains

Grains & Seeds Wholesale

NutriBoost is a grains and seeds wholesale company located in the Netherlands. Since 2013, we have been supplying various companies worldwide with a wide range of grains and seeds. Started on a small scale, with our own brand, but quickly grew into an important importer and wholesaler of grains and seeds. NutriBoost is the right place for high-quality seeds and grains. We are Organic certified.

  1. Types of Grains and Seeds
  2. Grains and seeds wholesale services
  3. Private Label Grains and Seeds
  4. Bulk Grains and Seeds
  5. Delivery time
  6. Quality
  7. Order quantity
  8. Organic grains and seeds wholesale
  9. Other wholesale services
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Types of Grains and Seeds

As a buyer you are looking for a reliable party. A partner where you can go for a diverse range of high quality. That is what a grains and seeds wholesale must meet. Our services match this. We offer solutions for both small customers and co-importers. An overview of our range can be found on our seeds and grains range page.

Grains and Seeds wholesale services

NutriBoost supplies to a diverse number of customers. For example, restaurants, wholesalers and producers visit us. But also freelancers and webshops with their own label. Everyone has their own wishes and this can usually be divided into 3 services, which we offer. These are namely:

  1. Private label grains and seeds;
  2. Bulk grains and seeds; and
  3. Production (tablets / mixing / encapsulating).

Private label grains and seeds

At NutriBoost we see ourselves as a full spectrum grains and seeds wholesaler. Both in the field of assortment and services. That is why we also supply private label, or in other words, your own brand! With a private label, we ensure that your product is ready-to-market. You can choose to deliver the packaging or we will take care of this for you.

Bulk grains and seeds

The majority at NutriBoost is sold in bulk. That is to say in packages of usually 25 kilograms. But also big bags of 1000 kilograms. This is often for parties who fill it themselves in their own packaging or for ‘zero-waste’ shops. For more information regarding bulk orders, please contact us.

Delivery time

A large part of our products are directly available from stock. This means that we ship our products within 1-3 working days. We can always state a specific delivery time before you place the order with us.


Quality is our top priority. We show this to you through our BIO certification and we work according to the IFS guidelines.

Order quantity

Our company is known for its flexibility. For example, with most products we can provide our customers with a small order quantity (from approx. 20 kilograms) to various containers. Both variants – and everything in between – are possible at NutriBoost.

Organic Grains and Seeds Wholesale

NutriBoost is not a regular wholesaler. We are an organic certified grains and seeds wholesaler and have a SKAL certificate. This means that we can offer both organic and conventional. So, whether you are looking for organic or non-organic, we supply both. And we import the majority of our products directly from the source.

Other wholesale services

In addition to our activities as a supplier of grains and seeds, we also offer other products and services as a wholesaler. For a detailed explanation of these services, you can visit the corresponding pages:

Price Request:

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