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Almonds wholesale

Wholesale Nuts

NutriBoost is, besides a superfood wholesale, also a nuts wholesale company. We supply nuts for the processing industry, but also for web shops and other wholesalers. In both organic and conventional quality. Our range of nuts consists of various types.

On this page you will find a complete overview of our services and what we have to offer to you as an organic nuts wholesale company. Everything you are looking for, can be found here. Do you still have any questions after reading this page? Or do you wish to request a quote? Please fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

  1. Types of nuts
  2. Nuts wholesale services
  3. Packaged nuts
  4. Bulk nuts
  5. Delivery time
  6. Quality
  7. Minimum order quantity
  8. Organic nuts wholesale
  9. Importer nuts and dried fruit
  10. Other wholesale Services
  11. Frequently asked questions
  12. Price request

Types of nuts

As a UK nuts wholesale company, NutriBoost supplies a divers number of nuts, mainly aimed at the organic market. Our most popular nuts are:

  • Organic Almonds (Valencia, Italy)
  • Organic Brazil nuts
  • Organic Cashew nuts (W320, LWP)
  • Organic Hazelnuts
  • Organic Macadamia
  • Organic Pecan nuts
  • Organic Walnuts

With us you’ll find the best quality nuts, seeds and dried fruits. During the years we have been active, we have established a broad network of reliable sources.Throughout the world.

Nuts wholesale services

When you are looking for a nuts wholesale company, you are not looking for the average type of business. You want the best quality in the business. But not only that, you are also looking for a partner, rather than ‘just’ a supplier. Someone who supports you in your needs. Unfortunately not all wholesalers offer the same services. That’s where we make the difference. NutriBoost provides three main services as an organic nuts wholesale company to make sure your business runs smoothly:

  1. Packaged nuts;
  2. Bulk nuts; and
  3. Nuts manufacturing services (for example: trail mix).

Packaged nuts

When we speak of ‘packaged nuts’ we refer to private label, or in other words, your own brand. We can support you when you are looking for a supplier who assists you in this process. Perhaps you already have a brand? Or you are just starting out? In both cases we can be of help. As an importer we take care of the sourcing. The production part is something we outsource to a partner, so you don’t have to.

The processing of nuts into a private label is outsourced to co-packers who are able to handle allergenic products like nuts. We avoid this at our facilities since we otherwise have to relabel all products that there is the possibility of cross-contamination of nuts, by law.

Bulk nuts

Our bulk nuts are packed in 20 kilogram boxes. This is the core of our business. Our clients usually buy a pallet, or a mixed pallet of different types of nuts. However, we can also supply most of our items in single boxes. In case you are looking for 1KG packaging types, then we are talking about a private label or white label. That’s also something we do as explained above. As a bulk nut supplier you can buy bulk almonds, bulk cashew, bulk walnuts and so forth.

Delivery time

As NutriBoost is an importer and nuts wholesale company, the majority of our stock is directly available. Availability is dependent on the market situation and order behaviour of our clients. However, if a product is in stock we usually send it out within 1-3 working days after receiving the order. Are you in a hurry? Or would you like to know how long it will exactly take to arrive? We can always specify this prior to receiving your order.


Quality is the key factor at NutriBoost. The quality, taste and food safety of our products is of utmost importance.  We are in direct touch with our producers and we can verify them at least once a year. It is our duty to offer you this guarantee. Hence NutriBoost is also IFS certified.

Minimum order quantity

We supply to many different types of businesses. For instance we supply to bakeries and producers. But also to restaurants, caterers and webshops. This diversity is asking for flexibility. Thus that’s what we’ve been specializing in these last years. Looking for 20 kilogram? Not a problem. Maybe a full pallet? That is neither a problem as well. We can even supply multiple pallets at once, if needed.

Organic nuts wholesale

Order with NutriBoost brings many benefits. Our farmers, and ourselves, take into account the welfare of people, animals and the environment. The cultivation and processing of our products is done according to organic guidelines. Pesticides and other unauthorized substances are not used. In addition, we are organic certified as an organic nuts wholesale and also IFS certified. As an importer, we also offer an attractive price.

Importer nuts and dried fruit

When you have nuts in your assortment, you probably also offer dried fruits. These two product groups are inextricably linked. Thus it will not surprise you that we are not only importers of nuts, but also of dried fruits.

As an organic nuts wholesale company, NutriBoost is the first party to receive the nuts from origin. We pay strict attention to the quality. We check this by means of analyzes that we carry out beforehand in origin. On a regular basis we also analyze the nuts once they arrive. With NutriBoost you can therefore buy nuts with confidence.

Other Wholesale Services

In addition to our activities as a supplier of Nuts, we also offer other products and services as a wholesaler. For a detailed explanation of these services, you can visit the corresponding pages:

Frequently asked questions

Do you also supply raw nuts?

NutriBoost mainly supplies raw nuts.

What are the wholesale prices of the nuts you offer?

We mainly work with day to day prices. We therefore advise you to contact our sales team through below contact form.

Do you also supply dried fruit?

Yes. For more information about dried fruits, we advise you to visit our ‘dried fruits’ page.

Price request

NutriBoost only supplies to registered companies. Contact us through below contact form or call us at +3110 – 34 000 77. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities we can offer you.

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