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Are you looking for food in bulk packaging? At NutriBoost you can easily buy products in bulk. We have stored a large number of food ingredients in our Dutch warehouse. Both organic and conventional, of the highest achievable quality.

As an importer, we usually already receive the goods in bulk on pallets. A pallet is approximately 500 – 1000 kilograms per product. With our tactical location near the port of Rotterdam, we have a unique position for the distribution of food.

One-stop-shop wholesale for bulk food

When purchasing food, you prefer to do so from as few suppliers as possible. We understand this need like no other. That is why we have chosen to offer a diverse range of popular products. In that case, you have found a one-stop-shop wholesaler for your food ingredients with NutriBoost.

Our imported items are spread over several department stores in the Netherlands to guarantee a fast and efficient processing of your order.

Minimal order quantity

Whether you are a small entrepreneur or a multinational, at NutriBoost we deliver according to the customer’s needs. Therefore, our purchases usually start at 20 to 25 kilograms per product. But if you are looking for full containers, that is also possible. Available directly from stock. You will not only find our warehouses in the Netherlands, but also in Germany and England.


The NutriBoost bulk food ingredients amply comply with European legislation. All products come with a certificate of analysis and product specifications. We are certified organic by SKAL for our organic products.

Delivery time

Most of our products are directly available from stock. We import products from all over the world and this usually arrives by boat. Due to our unique location near the port of Rotterdam, we have a fast delivery time. Both for our domestic and foreign customers.


How are the products packed?
That depends on the product. However, these are usually boxes or double-layer paper bags of 20 – 25 kilograms per product. We send this as a single package or on pallets.

Can I order less than the minimum order quantity?
Unfortunately not. The packaging in which the product arrives at us is not opened and so a packaging of 20 kilograms cannot be reduced to 10 kilograms.

How do I place an order?
You can do this by email. If you are interested in placing an order, it is best to use the contact form. Or you can send a direct email.

Can I receive a price list?
At NutriBoost we do not use a standard price list. We purchase our products based on market developments, price fluctuations and quantity. These factors can change daily and thus also affect the price. In order to guarantee you the best price, we therefore give prices based on product name and quantity. You can request this by email. Usually you will have an offer within a few hours.

We stock organic certified products, but we can arrange conventional food products on request as well. With a vast range of products, we supply to companies throughout the whole of Europe. We started our company with our own brand but quickly developed further as an important importer and wholesale of superfood ingredients. NutriBoost is your dedicated partner if you are looking for quality food products. We are organic certified.

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