Wholesale Food Ingredients

As a supplier it is our priority to offer you premium quality ingredients. Our worldwide network of suppliers and processors makes us a strong partner in the organic food industry. In addition to organic ingredients we offer conventional materials on request.

Besides our core business – sourcing raw materials – we extend our services to wherever needed. In order to provide a premium service in combination with premium products.

Hazelnuts wholesale


A wide variety of organic nuts, including almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts. Our most popular type of nuts.

Nuts assortment
Wholesale spelt flour


A fine selection of different flours, mainly derived from grains such as buckwheat, teff and quinoa.

Flours assortment
Wholesale Seeds and Grains Chia

Seeds & Grains

Premium quality seeds and grains. You'll find these with us; only the best chia, couscous and spelt.

Sees & Grains assortment
Herbs and spices turmeric powder

Herbs & spices

One of the latest additions to our assortment. High quality ingredients such as cinnamon, rosehip and turmeric.

Herbs & Spices assortment
Dried Fruits Wholesale Mulberries Dried White

Dried Fruits

You'll find delicious dried fruits such as acai berries, cranberries, goji berries and many more with us.

Dried Fruits assortment
Wholesale Rice and Pasta, White Rice

Rice & Pasta

A variety of different types of rice and pasta. Ranging from Jasmin to Fusilli. Get a closer look on our assortment.

Rice & pasta assortment
Pulses and lentils wholesale adzuki beans

Pulses & Lentils

Since recently we also offer pulses and lentils. Thus the assortment is still relatively scarce, but we expect to expand soon.

Pulses & Lentils assortment
Superfoods Hemp Protein Powder


The heart of our organisation; superfoods. Check out our extensive list of ingredients and we're sure that we can be of help.

Superfoods Assortment

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