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NutriBoost is a UK superfoods wholesale company and distributor of organic food products. We provide a wide range of superfoods, raw foods, nuts seeds and dried fruit. Since we import most of our products directly from the farmers, we’re able to offer high-quality products at competitive rates.

We stock organic certified products, but we can arrange conventional food products on request as well. With a vast range of products, we supply to companies throughout the whole of Europe. We started our company with our own brand but quickly developed further as an important importer and wholesale of superfood ingredients. NutriBoost is your dedicated partner if you are looking for quality food products. We are organic and IFS certified.

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    2. Wholesale Superfoods Services
    3. Private Label Superfoods
    4. Bulk Superfoods
    5. Delivery time
    6. Quality
    7. Minimum order quantity
    8. Organic Wholesale Superfoods
    9. Other Wholesale Services
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Types of Superfoods

We understand that you are looking for a specialist. A superfood wholesale with a wide assortment and quality products. That is what your supplier has to be. And in that case, NutriBoost is the right partner. We adapt to market changes. Hence we change our assortment to the demands of our clients. An overview of our current assortment can be found on our superfood assortment page.

Wholesale Superfood Services

You are looking for a superfood wholesale. However, not every wholesaler offers the same services. Outsourcing different parts of your process is usually not ideal. Hence we haven chosen to become a one-stop-shop. As a wholesale of superfoods, NutriBoost offers three main services:

  1. Private label superfoods;
  2. Bulk superfoods; and
  3. Superfood manufacturing (tablets/mixing/capsules).

Private Label Superfoods

One service that has grown in popularity is our private label superfoods service. A superfood with your private label, means that we provide you a ready to market product. For more information about our private label services we advise you to check out our private label superfoods page or contact us by email or telephone.

Alternatively we can also offer white label superfoods. The difference with private label superfoods, is that white label superfoods will be blank pouches. Whereas private label superfoods carry your own label.

Bulk superfoods

The majority of our clients prefers to buy bulk superfoods. With NutriBoost as your superfood wholesaler you have the right partner for your bulk superfoods! The quantity per product differs, but the lowest quantity we usually offer is 10 Kilogram. For more information about bulk superfoods we suggest to read more on our bulk superfoods page or get in touch with us via email or by telephone.

Delivery time

The majority of our products is in stock. This is the benefit that you have working with a superfood wholesale company like NutriBoost. Our orders are usually shipped within 1-3 working days. Delivery to your location can be anywhere between 1-3 working days, depending on your postal code.


Quality and food safety is our main concern. Hence we work according IFS guidelines and have both IFS and Organic certifications.

Minimum order quantity

We are known for our flexibility. Thus we are able to provide smaller businesses with a lower volume (20kg), but ship container loads to multinationals at the same time. Both options – and anything inbetween – is possible at NutriBoost.

Organic Wholesale Superfoods

NutriBoost is not an ordinary superfood wholesale. We are an organically certified superfood wholesale and superfood manufacturer. Both IFS and Organic (SKAL ) certified. And we carry both organic and conventional products in our range. The majority of our products is imported directly, but we also rely on our network within Europe to make sure we can provide you with our products on an ongoing basis.

All NutriBoost products are chosen carefully by our farmers and by us, based on organic certification and sustainability. We take care of import, export, storage and processing of organic products. Thus we are able to keep a close eye on the quality of our products.

Other Wholesale Services

In addition to our activities as a superfoods supplier, we also offer other products and services as a wholesaler. For a detailed explanation of these services, you can visit the corresponding pages:

Frequently asked questions

How can I buy your superfoods?

NutriBoost solely provides superfoods to registered companies. In order to place an order, we’d like to ask u contact us through the below contact form or send an email directly to info[at] We make sure to reply to your request within twenty-four hours during working days. During the weekend it can take a little longer. It is only possible to order per email. In case you have any other questions give us a call on +31 – 10 34 000 77.

Do you also offer other wholesale products and services, as a superfood wholesale company?

Certainly! As said, we have a wide range of products. You can request our catalogue through the below contact form.

Price request

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