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Supplements wholesale

NutriBoost is also a supplement wholesale company. If you are active as a (health) store, fitness center, webshop or run a company affiliated with supplements, NutriBoost offers you a one-stop-shop solution. As a wholesaler for supplements, we deliver a diverse range, as well as high-quality service and competitive prices. Besides bulk we also supply private label and white label. On this page you will find detailed information on all our services related to wholesale supplements.

  1. Types of Supplements
  2. Supplement Wholesale Services
  3. Private Label Supplements
  4. Supplements in bulk
  5. Supplements manufacturer
  6. Delivery time
  7. Quality
  8. Minimum order quantity
  9. Organic Supplements Wholesale
  10. Other wholesale services
  11. Frequently asked questions
  12. Price request

Types of supplements

NutriBoost supplies a diverse range of supplements as a wholesale supplement supplier. These are mainly aimed at athletes. Our most popular products can be found in the following dietary supplements list:

  • Organic whey concentrate 70%
  • Organic whey concentrate 80%
  • Guaraná extract 10%
  • Creatine monohydrate 80 mesh
  • Creatine monohydrate 200 mesh
  • Ascorbic-acid (Vitamin C)

We also offer popular products such as whey proteins, pre-workouts, energizers, slimming products and mass gainers. These products are available in bulk packaging (20kg) and with your own brand. There is also an option for encapsulation and tableting. Although we mainly supply these in the non-organic version, we do see an increase in organic inquiries for supplements.

Supplement wholesale services

In principle, NutriBoost offers three services. With these three services, we can support you when you want to outsource everything or only a part of your business activities. We adapt to your wishes. In doing so, it makes no difference to us whether you are a starter or a multinational. We can be of service to you. NutriBoost is a supplement wholesale company that supports you in all your requirements. The three services that we can offer to you as a total provider are:

  1. Private label supplements;
  2. Bulk supplements; and
  3. Manufacturing (e.g.: capsules and tablets).

Private Label Supplements

Because we are also a food supplement manufacturer, you are also at the right address for private label supplements. This allows you to produce your own shake, develop your own supplement or compile various supplements. NutriBoost takes care of the purchase and production of the food supplements. In other words, we arrange everything for your own line of supplements. We also make tailor-made products for you if you have your own recipe.

The most common solutions for a private label that we offer to our partners are:

  • Private label creatin;
  • Private label protein;
  • Private label pre-workout;
  • Private label vitamins;
  • Private label whey.

With a private label, NutriBoost can also take care of the concerns about your packaging. You can see us as a total manufacturer of nutritional supplements. You can, for example, choose out of buckets, pots and round packers. Looking for a different type of packaging? Tell us and we will look at the possibilities together with you.

Supplements in bulk

Our customers often buy supplements in bulk. Which are usually bags of at least 20 kilograms. These bags are usually stacked together on a 500-kilogram pallet and we deliver as such. We, therefore, prefer a minimum purchase of a pallet, but we can also send single bags. With our ‘own brand’ program we can also supply you with 1 kg bags.

Supplement manufacturer

Because consumers are increasingly looking for supplements in tablet and capsule form, we also offer these services since recently. NutriBoost is certified organic for the processing of organic supplements. We can therefore also offer you our services as organic and non-organic.

Delivery time

Because we import our own products as wholesale supplements company, a large part of our products is always in stock. If the product is not in stock, it can usually arrive to us within a few days. Depending on the product and the origin. We coordinate our stock on market developments and customer questions. We usually ship products that are in stock within 1 – 3 working days.


When purchasing supplements, you pay attention to the quality. The same applies to us. For NutriBoost taste, quality and food safety are our priorities. You can therefore also assume that the products we supply to you, are of high quality. We supply all our wholesale supplements with a certificate of analysis. In addition, we verify our suppliers at least once a year.

Minimum order quantity

With the diversity of services we offer, there is also a diversity of customers. Many of these customers often also have specific wishes. As a wholesaler in supplements, we have to adapt to this. Therefore you can purchase supplements from at least 20 kilograms per product.

Organic supplements wholesale

Ordering with NutriBoost offers many advantages. We offer low minimum order quantities, perfect quality and high-quality service. In addition, we, just like our producers, take into account the welfare of people, animals and the environment. As an importer, we also offer an attractive price. Lastly, we are organic certified as an organic supplements wholesale company and also IFS certified.

Other wholesale services

NutriBoost is not only a wholesaler for supplements, but we also offer other products and services as a wholesaler. For a detailed explanation of these services, you can visit the corresponding pages:

  1. Herbs and Spices Wholesale
  2. Nuts Wholesale
  3. Superfood Wholesale
  4. Organic Wholesale

Frequently asked questions

Can I sell my own supplements with your help?
Yes. Most of our clients are companies who sell their own brand or planning to start doing so. We also supply producers, by which we also supply to other brands, indirectly.

Are you also a whey supplier?
Yes! Unable to make a decision between all whey producers? We understand that it is difficult to make a choice with all the offers on the internet. Let us convince you. As a protein producer and producer of sports nutrition we take care of your processes.

For our food supplements, we have a wide range of existing formulas available. Have you been dreaming of setting up your own brand of proteins for a long time? Let’s turn that dream into reality. We guarantee we can help you develop your brand even further.

Feel free to contact us via the contact form below and we will reply to your request within a few hours.

Can I create my own supplements with your help?
Selling a single ingredient supplement is a good start. But you may want to go a step further: develop your own supplement. In that case, we will compose your own supplement together with you.

Developing food supplements can be a reasonably long process. This depends on your wishes and requirements. That is why it is advisable to provide us with as much information as possible. Based on this information, we can coordinate together what is possible and what not.

NutriBoost holds the IFS food safety certificate. For this certificate, HACCP is the basis on which we manage our risks. We have our food supplements tested at external laboratories. With us, you are assured of quality.

Are your supplements HACCP certified?

We are IFS certified. This is a higher certification, with HACCP as the basis. Setting up your own supplements line sounds fun. But there are also risks involved. You want reliable products that are good for your customers. It is then important that you choose a manufacturer of dietary supplements that is well-certified. The minimum requirement that your supplier must meet is the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standard. In short, this is a risk inventory for food.

Price request

Whether you are looking for a supplement wholesale or any other type of healthy products. NutriBoost is your partner! If you fill out the contact form on the left with your request, you will receive an answer as soon as possible. We usually respond within a few hours after receiving your request.

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