IFS Broker

IFS Broker

IFS broker has been established to guarantee the safety and quality of food products. The Parties expect traders, intermediaries and importers to communicate their product requirements to the manufacturers and that these specifications are understood and implemented. Especially with the growing globalization and the growth of new ways and methods.

IFS Broker focuses on: Food traders, trade offices and importers.

Content of the IFS Broker standard:

  • Responsibility of senior management;
  • Control quality and food safety;
  • Providing resources;
  • Planning of products and services;
  • Improvement management;
  • Traceability;
  • Fraud.


Checks are carried out as a guarantee of the standard. During these checks, it is checked whether the party involved has taken appropriate measures, which ensure that product safety and quality can be ‘guaranteed’. An important part here is the supplier assessment. Merchants, intermediaries, and importers must, therefore, check whether their supplier meets the requirements, so that the delivered products comply with regulations and contractual specifications.

IFS audits are performed annually by a recognized and accredited audit body. NutriBoost B.V. has, in this case, opted for SGS as a control body.