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Parameter Description
Botanical name Salvia hispanica
Packaging size 25 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 25 Kilogram
Origin South America, Africa
Appearance Seeds
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic and Conventional
Shelf life 24 – 36 months
Serving size 15 grams per day
Category Superfoods




Product Description

The Chia seed we are offering is conventional and organic and imported from Africa and South America. Chia is a flower that belongs to the mild family. There was a time when Chia was an essential crop in central Mexico and ancient Aztecs. Nowadays, it is grown on a commercial level in Guatemala, Argentina, Australia, and Ecuador. When this little flower is in its leaf form, this green seed can add some texture to sandwiches and salads. After soaking this seed, it produces a gel. A lot of cooks use chia seed in fruit puddings without pectin to save themselves from lengthy cooking. People who prefer vegan, mainly use chia because it is a ground seed and can be mixed with water. It can also be used for baking instead of eggs.

How to use Chia seeds black

Chia seed has a mild flavour and can vary from nutty to crunchy depending on what type of preparation it has. Chia seeds can be added to your yoghurt, muesli, porridge, and other food items.

Chia seeds black Wholesale

You would definitely like to buy chia seeds black from a wholesale company like NutriBoost. We import our chia seeds directly from the source. We can help you with competitive prices and a large availability year-round. Starting at just 25 kilogram, but we are able to supply a container at once as well.


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