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Parameter Description
Botanical name Ceratonia siliqua
Packaging size 25 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 25 Kilogram
Origin Italy
Appearance Powder
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic and Conventional
Shelf life 24 months
Serving size 2 tablespoons
Category Superfoods




Product Description

We are offering organic carob powder that is sourced from Italy. Carob is an ultimate substitute for cacao. It is a bean that grows in the Mediterranean regions. The carob tree is the source to get carob from. The flavour of the carob powder is a little sweet, and it is a good substitute for chocolate powder. Most of the time, carob powder is used in baked items as a sweetener. It possesses a unique and sweet flavour and has almost no fat. Carob powder can be used instead of cocoa powder. You don’t have to add any sweetener in your favourite dishes after using carob powder because it is naturally sweet.

How to use Carob Powder

The natural taste of carob powder is sweet. That’s why it is used in dessert recipes so often. As compared to cacao powder, the taste of carob powder is not too strong. That is the reason it is recommended to use two times more if using instead of cacao powder.

Carob Powder Wholesale

As a Carob Powder wholesale company, NutriBoost imports directly from the source. This allows us to provide you with competitive offers and large order volumes. However, we can start with just a single bag. Get in touch for a quotation.


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