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Parameter Description
Botanical name Theobroma cacao
Packaging size 15 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 15 Kilogram
Origin Africa, South America
Appearance Wafers/coins
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic and Conventional
Shelf life 24-36 months
Serving size 1oz / 28grams
Category Superfoods




Product Description

The theobroma cacao tree has a fruit that is used to make cacao paste. It is a natural product of ground nibs. The raw cocoa beans are crushed into the liquid to make a raw cocoa paste. If you leave this paste, it can quickly turn into solid form at room temperature, and you will have a cocoa paste. The cocoa paste is made up of completely natural material and has almost 55% of cocoa butter. This product is exceptionally smooth, and you can use organic cocoa to make chocolate items. We make cocoa paste liquor with high-quality cocoa beans that are fermented to reduce their bitter taste. Cocoa beans are peeled, dried and fermented to produce cocoa paste liquor. These beans are grounded to make cocoa mass or paste and then melted to make cocoa liquor.

How to use cacao paste wafers

You can use cocoa paste liquor in chocolate pudding, chocolate drink, chocolate cake, and traditional chocolate bars.

Cacao Paste/Liquor wafers Wholesale

Buy cacao Paste/Liquor wafers from a wholesaler. NutriBoost is at your service. We provide low order quantities and competitive rates. This item can be purchased as a private label or in bulk packaging.


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