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Parameter Description
Botanical name  Adansonia digitata
Packaging size 20 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 20 Kilogram
Origin Senegal, South Africa
Appearance Powder
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic
Shelf life 24 months
Serving size 5 grams per day
Category Superfoods




Product Description

Baobab powder is available in wholesale bulk packaging for food professionals. The baobab powder we are offering is obtained from Africa. Generally, the baobab fruit powder is naturally dehydrated fruit powder of the endocarp, which is the Baobab tree’s fruit pods. By using the Mechanical separation methods, the powder is separated from the seed. It is completely natural without any impurities and additives.

Origin of Baobab Powder

Adansonia is one of the oldest and most magnificent trees in the world. It is commonly known as the Baobab tree and is the source of baobab powder. Adansonia or baobab tree is a native tree of Africa. It also grows in the dry and hot regions such as Arabia, Madagascar, Saharan Africa, and some hot and dry regions of Australia. Baobab is an Arabic name that means “the father of many seeds”. In some parts of Africa, it is also called the upside-down tree, cream of tartar tree, and monkey bread tree because of its uprooted growth. It is also known as the tree of life in Africa because it not only offers drink and food but some other necessary things for life as well. It is said that this tree can live up to 1500 years. As compared to its branches and height, the trunk of the tree is extremely thick. White heavy flowers bloom on baobab trees and night fruit bats pollinate them, so these flowers become brown and green long fruits. The shape of the seed of the fruit is like a kidney, and it has a hard shell. The inner part of the fruit is white, creamy, and soft and has pulp with a little bit powdery. The taste of the baobab fruit is unique and pleasant. 3000 milligrams of Vitamin C can be obtained from 1 kg of baobab powder. There are also some minerals found in the baobab powder that is essential for health, such as calcium (±300mg/100g), magnesium (167mg/100g), and potassium (±2000mg/100g). Fruits of the large baobab trees that are cracked open are the source of African baobab powder. After that, the pulp of the fruit is turned into baobab powder when it is separated and crushed.


How to use Baobab Powder

Baobab trees can be found in Africa, Australia, and Madagascar. You can eat it fresh or can also add its powder for a unique flavour in soups, desserts, smoothies, and stews. If you want to use it daily without any special efforts, you can use the baobab powder by mixing it with drinks and beverages such as smoothies, water, tea, or juice. Even adding the baobab powder with baking items or taking it with oatmeal or yoghurt is also a good option.

Baobab Powder Wholesale

Buy baobab powder directly from a wholesaler. From single boxes up to containers. Competitive pricing and premium quality. Available in private label and bulk packaging.


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