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Parameter Description
Botanical name Chenopodium quinoa
Packaging size 25 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 25 Kilogram
Origin Peru, Bolivia
Appearance Red Seeds
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic and Conventional
Shelf life 24 months
Serving size 1 cup
Category Seeds and Grains




Product Description

Quinoa is native to South America and famous for its edible seeds. It is a grain crop that is considered a herbaceous annual plant. Red Quinoa is another common type of Quinoa. There are a lot of colour varieties of Quinoa, and the white Quinoa is the most well-known. Black and red Quinoa are also getting popular among people.

Quinoa Red Origin

A South American Native Flowering plant, called Chenopodium quinoa, produces Red Quinoa. Inca soldiers used to call it by the name, Inca red. That’s why it is also famous by that name in the native region. When red quinoa seeds are uncooked, they are crunchy, flat, and oval. They form a small sphere shape just like couscous when they are properly cooked. Cooked red Quinoa has a chewy and fluffy texture. Even though these seeds are known as red quinoa seeds, sometimes they have a violet colour. Although it is a pseudocereal, people consider it a whole grain.

How to use Quinoa Red

Just like white Quinoa, red Quinoa can be used in most of the cases. But the thing is, it doesn’t provide much help in sweet dishes. You can use it in salads, as a rice replacement, or in grain bowls, but it is not suitable for baking items. Red Quinoa has a nuttier flavour and super crunchy texture. It tastes more delicious than white Quinoa.

Quinoa Red Wholesale

We supply quinoa red as a wholesaler. NutriBoost buys directly from the source and thus guarantees high quality and competitive prices.


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