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Parameter Description
Botanical name Chenopodium quinoa
Packaging size 10 – 15 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 10 – 15 Kilogram
Origin Peru (EU Processing)
Appearance White Flakes
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic and Conventional
Shelf life 12 months
Serving size ⅓ cup
Category Seeds and Grains




Product Description

Quinoa is native to South America and famous for its edible seeds. It is a grain crop that is considered a herbaceous annual plant. The Quinoa Flakes we are offering are, simply put, pressed Quinoa grains. Just like an oat groat which can be rolled out to make rolled oats, the same thing goes for quinoa flakes. They are the result after rolling out the little quinoa grain. Quinoa flakes are hence not the same as quinoa grains. The main difference is their processing. Quinoa flakes are made by using specific machines. On the other hand, Quinoa is simply a whole seed without any further processing. In the process of making quinoa flakes, grain flaker machines are used to flatten the whole quinoa seeds and turn them into quinoa flakes.

How to use Quinoa Flakes

Quinoa seeds are flattened using grain flakers to make quinoa flakes. These flakes can be used to make gluten-free breakfast. Quinoa flakes are an excellent substitute for rolled oats for any use and can be used in equal quantity.

Quinoa Flakes Wholesale

We supply quinoa flakes as a wholesale company. Benefit from our sharp prices, high quality and diverse assortment. Request your custom offer through our contact form.


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