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Parameter Description
Botanical name Bertholletia excelsa
Packaging size 20 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 20 Kilogram
Origin Bolivia
Appearance Nuts
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic and Conventional
Shelf life 12 – 24 months
Serving size 28 gram a day
Category Nuts




Product Description

The Brazil Nut is harvested from a South American tree that has appetising seeds. The shape of these nuts is triangular and grows inside a wooden shell just like coconuts. Moreover, it also has a little bit of taste, which resembles the coconut with buttery, sweet, and creamy flavour that makes it popular.

Brazil Nuts, Medium/Midgets Origin

The botanical name of Brazil nuts is Bertholletia excelsa. Almost half of the production of these nuts all around the world is in Bolivia. Brazil and Peru are the 2nd and 3rd biggest producers of these nuts. This means that the Amazon is the region that produces all of the Brazil nuts. According to the calculation of Brazilian authorities, there are around nine million trees of Brazil Nuts in the Amazon. The tree of the brazil nut can grow up to 500 years. The average annual fruit capacity of the tree is around 40kg. That’s why it is considered as one of the most important plants in the amazon region economically. Rather than plantation, the Brazil nut tree is traded from wild for cultivation and harvesting. The shape of the Brazil nut is round and has a diameter of 10 cm with 2kg weight. A single Brazil nut can carry around 25 seeds. It has a hard but thin shell with a white kernel that is an edible part of the seed. These nuts can be used raw, roasted, or salted. They are proved to be very good ingredients for desserts, soup or can be sprinkled over salads.

How to use Brazil Nuts, Medium/Midgets

You can add these Brazil nuts in different recipes after chopping or can be used as a snack. They can be used sweetened, roasted, salted, or raw. They are very good ingredients to serve with desserts, soup or can be sprinkled over salads. It can be a part of many dishes or used as a Brazil nut oil.

Brazil Nuts Wholesale

NutriBoost is a Brazil nuts wholesale company and a leading importer in Europe. Although we offer a minimum quantity of 20 kilogram we can supply a container instantly, if needed. 


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