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Parameter Description
Botanical name Triticum spelt
Packaging size 20 – 25 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 20 – 25 Kilogram
Origin The Netherlands
Appearance Off white, brownish, powder
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic and Conventional
Shelf life 12 – 24 months
Serving size ¼ cup
Category Flours



Product Description

Spelt is known as a grain cereal that belongs to the wheat family. But it is not like wheat. This grain has been cultivated in the Middle East and Europe for hundreds of years. Even though it has the same look as wheat, its outer shell is very hard and is crushed before use. Just like wheat flour, its flavor is a little sweet and nutty.

If we talk about the most popular non-wheat flours, Spelt flour is one of them. It is used in all the wheat-free recipes, bread, and pasta.

Spelt Flour Origin

Spelt belongs to the wheat family. It is a wheat species that has been cultivated since 5000 BC. It is also called hulled wheat or Dinkel wheat. It is a cereal grain that is being cultivated for centuries. The origin of Spelt is Iran after which it made its way to Europe. From the last century, the cultivation of Spelt has started in North America as well.

How to use Spelt Flour

Spelt flour is a useful replacement of wheat flour in the different recipes with 1:1 ratio. Spelt has a unique type of gluten in it. To make the structure for bread, Spelt flour needs less kneading time because it is soft and easy to break down, which is opposite to wheat flour. That’s why it is important to note that, not to over mix the Spelt flour. Otherwise, the texture of the thing you are making will be crumbled.


Spelt Flour Wholesale

Being a spelt flour wholesale company, our goods are distributed in large volumes across the world. Especially in Europe we supply this item to a variety of brands and companies. Connect with us to receive a custom quote.



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