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Parameter Description
Botanical name Oryza sativa
Packaging size 25 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 25 Kilogram
Origin The Netherlands
Appearance White powder
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic and Conventional
Shelf life 12 – 24 months
Serving size 100 gram
Category Flours




Product Description

Rice flour is made from fine quality milled rice. It is a white type of rice flour that is made from rice after removing their uneatable outer skin. You can use it as a replacement for wheat flour because it is gluten-free. It can also be used to thicken gravies and sauces.

Rice Flour, White Origin

In Southern China, rice was cultivated for the first time around 6000 BC. After that, it spread quickly in Thailand, India, and Vietnam. Around 50% of the rice production of the world is done by China and India. Arkansas, Louisiana, and California are the major rice producers in the US. Around 1000 BCE, rice reached Africa and then into Greece. Later, it was brought to Brazil from Europe. Currently, Asia is producing the highest percentage of rice in the world. It is also the biggest rice consumer, as well.

How to use Rice Flour, White

You can use white rice flour to thicken sauces, coat fish, or in baking goods such as bread, dumplings, cookies, and many more.

Rice Flour White Wholesale

NutriBoost is a rice flour white wholesale & supplier of various ingredients. We supply high quality ingredients at competitive rates and with low minimum order volumes.


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