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Parameter Description
Botanical name Cocos nucifera
Packaging size 10 Kilogram
Minimum order quantity 20 Kilogram
Origin Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Philippines
Appearance Powder
Availability Bulk, Private Label
Quality Organic and Conventional
Shelf life 12-24 months
Serving size ¼ cup
Category Flours



Product Description

The Coconut flour we are offering is organic and originates from Indonesia, Philippines and Sri Lanka. This coconut flour is obtained by grinding or grating coconut meat. First, the meat is degreased and dried, and after that, it is crushed into powder. The coconut flour can be used as a substitute for wheat flour because it is gluten-free.

You might expect that coconut flour tastes like coconut and it is. You can experience the sweetness and coconut flavour according to the amount of coconut flour you are using in your dishes. You should note that coconut flour has many characteristics, and it is highly absorbent. That’s why it is considered unique from wheat flour.

There is no specific time of the maturity of coconut. That’s why there should be an experienced person to look after the right ripening time. If they are not harvested at the right time, they won’t be ripe enough. Only hands must be used to harvest coconut because poles cannot do what hands can. For that purpose, local harvest helpers climb the coconut palm for harvesting. Those coconuts that are collected will be transferred to the factories for further processing.

Coconut flour is completely organic and has no other ingredients in it. Those coconuts that cannot be used for coconut flour are processed and recycled in another way. Coconuts are a handy ingredient in animal feed as well and used to get coconut milk, coconut flour, and coconut oil.


How to use Coconut Flour

Coconut flour has its unique place in the kitchen. It can be used ideally with other flours for baking. Coconut flour is organic and even used in every dish. It can also be a good addition to yoghurt, muesli, and smoothies. You can have a creamy texture and consistency in soups and sauces with a coconut aroma. The taste of coconut flour is the same as coconut.

Coconut Flour Wholesale

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