Superfood Mix

Manufacturing Services

Do you want to create your own superfood mix? That’s possible at NutriBoost! A superfood mix, also known as superfood blend, is a mixture of different superfoods. This could be, for instance, a combination of nuts and berries, but definitely a mix of superfood powders such as spirulina, chlorella and wheatgrass as well.

You can customize your superfood mix the way you like. If you provide us with your recipe then we can process it accordingly. At the end we can provide you with bulk packaging or private label depending on your preferences. All varieties are possible. Besides we can also support you with the development of your superfood mix. We can support you with the development of the recipe, the mixing process as well as the filling process.

At the end we can offer it in bulk or private label as mentioned before.
Considering the amount of varieties and possibilities that you have when creating a superfood mix, we advise to get in touch with us. This could be by email via our contact form or by phone. We’d love to hear your ideas and plans.